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Invasive fungal infections are rare diseases that cause a life threatening pneumonia in patients with impaired immunity. Cancer chemotherapy or transplantation are major risk factors. Treatments are limited and associated with significant  side effects and cost. Healthcare systems spend millions to manage these infections but are unable to monitor the effectiveness of their work. The work of anti-fungal stewardship and infection control needs high quality data. Ideally, that data should arrive as quickly as possible to best drive improvements in care. This has not been possible, until now. 

fungalAi built on neural networks can make real-time surveillance of fungal diseases possible using:

  • Natural language processing of chest CT reports

  • Deep learning based image analysis of chest CT scans & 

  • An expert system that integrates lab & drug information 

Powering surveillance of invasive fungal infections

for antifungal stewardship, infection prevention, radiology support, clinical trials, knowledge



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We come from diverse backgrounds including medicine, machine learning, computational linguistics and computer vision.


We are a partnership between  the largest Australian transplant centre and a leading international university.

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Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah FRACP PhD

Physician Infectious Diseases & General Medicine

Alfred Health

Melbourne, Australia

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